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ASDTi's is a UK-based psychometric test publisher (Read more about us here) ASDTi also publishes well-regarded tests of ability - the UKGMAT Critical reasoning test series. (Verbal and Numerical Reasoning.

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UKPQ 360°

UKPQ 360° is a fantastic tool for SLT development, using the power of a valid and reliable psychometric questionnaire, combined with full 360-degree feedback. UKPQ 360° offers a unique blend of respondent AND colleague views.

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UKPQ is the UK's brightest employment personality questionnaire, with superb validity, excellent reliability, and a real track record in the Education, Healthcare, Retail, Financial, Manufacturing and Distribution sectors. UKPQ has been used to guide Governors and Heads in the selection of Heads & Principals, Deputy and Assistant Heads, Departmental Heads and Business Managers in hundreds of 11-19 Schools, Primaries, Sixth Form Colleges, GFE Colleges and Academies.

The UKPQ has probably the largest UK Educational-Sector Norm Groups available. ASDTi works with the UK's largest providers of Academies, having assisted in the selection of Head Teachers and Principals across London, as well as in Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Surrey, Northamptonshire, the West Midlands, Wiltshire, and the North East.

In the independent sector, ASDTi has been involved in the selection of Heads & Principals for many prestigious schools.

In Healthcare, we have worked with over 30 Acute Hospitals, in Mental Health, in the NHS and the Private Sector. To complete a UKPQ, Click Here.


Combining Schools:

UKPQ has been used in two selection processes to determine the senior leadership of leading schools in the independent sector. Arnold School and King Edward & Queen Mary Schools merged and UKPQ was used in the selection process for the Heads of the new Senior school and Prep school alike.

Developing Staff with UKPQ 360°:

UKPQ 360° has been used to help with senior staff development in Merchant Taylors School on the Wirral and as part of the recovery of St. Gregory’s Catholic High School, Warrington.

Selecting Leaders for Free Schools:

The Governors of Durham Free School chose UKPQ to help select their new Headteacher. Free schools are now being created across the UK and UKPQ is playing its part on the selection of this new generation of school leaders

Selecting Academy Leaders:

UKPQ continues to prove its value to Governors and Academy Sponsors. More than 150 Academies across the length and breadth of the country have used UKPQ in the selection of their Principals, Deputy Principals and Senior Leadership Teams

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